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Sep 29 2023
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  • Buffalo Chicken wrap

          Tortilla bread, grilled chicken breasts, buffalo sauce, lettuce, slays tomatoes and grilled bell peppers.

  • Beef Mayo smoked wrap

          Tortilla bread, beef slice, pickled cucumber, smoked mayonnaise, lettuce
           and grilled bell peppers.

  • Beef Bacon Vegetables wrap

          Tortilla bread, beef bacon, smoked cheddar cheese, grilled bell peppers, French fries, American sauce, lettuce and sweet corn.

  • Philly Cheese Beef

          Beef slice. Ciabatta bread. Pepper colors. Mozzarella cheese. Cheddar
          cheese, American mayo sauce.

  • Buffalo chicken slice.

          Chicken slice. Buffalo sauce. Pickle. Pepper colours. Toast. Cheddar
          cheese. Mozzarella cheese.

Ahmed Atef

Culinary Instructor

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