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2 Choices to pursue a culinary career

Culinary industry is a growing field and many are willing to join pursuing a professional career within this field.

What’s really important to be taken in consideration is what exactly you are willing to be, as culinary isn’t just about chefs it is also hospitality.

So the first step for you is to choose either are you willing to be a chef or another profession as per this choice your education will differ.

The real question is do you actually know what professions are available in the culinary industry or not?

Well the culinary as a field contains many professions, let us start with the obvious and very clear choices.

Chefs, they’re the ones responsible for all the details inside entities kitchen, if the title you’re looking for is being a chef you also need to know what speciality you will pursue in this career path as there are many different specialties and many titles.

So for example being a baker or pastries chef is totally different from being an executive chef or chef garde manger, so here’s a brief on what each title does in order for you to have a better understanding.

Executive Chef

Manages the kitchen staff, prepares work schedules, creates menus, and computes food costs.

Sous Chef

Assists the Executive Chef in running the kitchen.

Banquet Chef

Manages the kitchen staff in quantity food production for banquets, conferences, and conventions.

Pastry Chef

Responsible for baking breads, pastries, and desserts.

Mainly the first three titles are related and pretty much similar in their learning process, and in order to reach the first tittle you have to go through the other two titles, while the pastry chef learning process is a bit different.

The next step to be taken in order to start your career as a chef is to learn, knowing what to study and where to study is a very critical decision to be taken.

Types of studies differ as per the duration, the scope, and the entity.

In general the studies duration start from 3 months up to 4 years, choosing the duration depends in what actually the next step you would like to take.

For example studying for four years to obtain your culinary degree is going to help your career advancement faster, also will allow you to start immediately on higher kitchen positions.

While studying for shorter periods usually prepare you for some entry level jobs.

If you’re Egyptian or from the MENA region, The cooking school Egypt does provide accredited diplomas that allow you to become a professional chef, there are both studies that allow you to be either a professional pastry chef or a professional culinary arts chef.

If you’re in love with culinary but cooking isn’t your thing, you still can join the force doing many other things.

Through studying hospitality management which is the studies that focuses on applying the principles of management on the field of hospitality.

It prepares students on running hospitality related entities such as restaurants, hotels, travel agencies etc..

After finishing your studies you could become a restaurant manager, catering manager, fast food restaurant manager.

Also you could work in fields as marketing, human resources or finance in entities that are related to hospitality and culinary.