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Cooking because hungry? the answer is no

When we discuss a topic as cooking the very first thing comes to mind that it’s a necessity, and it is observed as an essential skill for people to survive.

Well, we will not argue this assumption, as it is a valid one, but as we always do, we love digging deeper to find out motives behind different behaviors especially when its related to food and cooking.

And as an experienced entity that focuses the most on allowing people to cook, we came by an experience that the need to survive is not the only motive that pushes people to cook.

And to build up a case regarding this matter, we will take a step back in the history of mankind, and ask a very important question, why did the very first humans cook in the very first place?

Why would a person with a very limited resources go into the troubles of building a fire, and putting the very little food He/She got in a pot to transform food from one state to another, especially vegetables, as they are already lean and not hard to consume or digest it in their original state.

So the reason was never the need to survive, surviving itself is concerned with what is the best practice to be used in order for it to be sustained, and cooking is not the best practice in this case.

So we can assume that cooking was practiced for other reasons, so first lets discuss the taste of food, cooking changes the state of food and changes its flavors, so this means that people did cook to obtain other utilities from food other than its benefits, and to enjoy a better taste for food is a great utility for mankind.

Moving forward to our modern days, a lot of researches was made about cooking, and what impacts it does have on us, we will discuss them with a different approach.

We did agree earlier that cooking does have utilities other than surviving and such motives are the real reason people do cook one of them is the food taste, so what else?

People in general love to be rewarded, it is something that goes deep in our roots, and either do you agree with utilitarianism and Kant’s philosophy or not, we have to admit that rewarding is a very huge motive in our everyday life, but how is that related to cooking? How is it rewarding to go through so much instead of just ordering food that tastes good?

Well if we only discussed that taste is the only motive this past question will be valid, but most people who do cook do not just cook for themselves, they also cook for others, and the feeling of happiness that the person who cook obtains for cooking for others is a very rewarding feeling and it should be looked at as a huge motive for people to spend time and effort in cooking.

Is there another motives to cook? Yes there is we are not done yet.

Another important reason people cook is to feed their sense of achievement, for us the cooking school this is an obvious reason why people cook, whenever a student cooks an item he starts taking pictures for and with it, this act is just them expressing how proud they are of what they did and achieved.

Also cooking allows people to connect, a core need for us humans is to connect with each other, and food is a very useful way to do so, to gather around eating a well cooked meal, or cook it together is an excellent way to connect and express feelings.

We shouldn’t miss out other motives that are not just behavioral but is mostly psychological, as the need to feel relaxed, or direct negative feelings and anger out of the human system in a very healthy way.

So either it is hunger or the loving of food itself, we can agree that cooking is just more than a simple act for us humans, it is a behavior that emerges from the complexity of us humans and can not just be looked at from a single perspective.