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Could food be consumed in pills

For a very longtime people used to imagine how the future will be and with it the future of how food will be consumed.

And this imagination was very rich and was constructed in humans experience and cultural outcome, also it was affected by the different needs of humans during an exact era, or being affected by emerging trends.

If you go back to some old movies/series etc.. you can find out that humans used to think that the future of food consumption will be in the shape of taking pills, if you are starving you can swallow a pill and that’s it, in no time you are now full, and had all your nutrition needs.

But also this could be traced to later times, as per the article by the BBC Meal-in-a-pill : A staple of science fiction

“This tiny, white vision of the future had its roots in late 19th Century feminism. In the lead up to the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago, the American Press Association asked writers from a number of fields to promote the event by writing essays on what they thought the world of 1993 might look like. Their work was published in small town newspapers across the country. American suffragette Mary Elizabeth Lease predicted that by 1993, humans would only eat synthetic food, liberating women from the drudgery of the kitchen.”

This thought wasn’t only a product of imagination, but it also was a reason for the growing need of humanity to find a sustainable source of food that could stand and cover the needs of the growing population.

But are we close to achieve this longtime fantasy of humanity?

In order for us to know that we need first to understand the act of food consumption by humans, and even though this might sound like a very straight forward idea, it is not.

Humans eat because they get hungry, hunger is a feeling we get when our bodies are telling us that it is in need for nutrition and energy, this was the simple answer that is related to the body need, but still we need to understand that food consumption is also a psychological need as much as a physical one.

Both of those two needs are very much connected, sometimes we crave a type of food because our bodies needs the nutrition of it.

Also we do favor some food to the other, some might like to have a steak, others burger and others might just have a salad.

Despite the nutrition value that each type of food provides, we still many times choose based on what we like, what will bring us joy.

The psychological value of satisfaction after eating a certain type of food which starts from smelling, tasting and finally feeling full is something that is not easily could be obtained through a pill.

People sometime get addicted to food, this addiction is actually is an addiction to the taste of different type food, and again this can’t be easily transmitted through a pill.

You can have vitamins, protein or any other important nutrition through pills, and this is a very important thing that humans were capable to reach, but food itself is a totally different story.

Aside from the psychological and physical needs, food is a very important component of history and culture which is a very hard thing for pills to compete with.

So is this just it? Is food will always be like it is, either through the growing by agriculture or the consumption of livestock?

Well, the short answer is NO!

We have reached to the capability of canning food, but still this is just a way of making it lasts longer and it is a process of transforming an already available food into another form of food.

The real deal of transforming the food we do consume today especially meat is the food grown in labs, and by that we do mean the science labs that mostly specialize in biology.