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Dried fruits

Dried fruits have been around for centuries. The first trace of dried fruits could be followed back to the year 2000 B.C as it can be found on clay tablets and in wall paintings in Mesopotamia.

drying the fruit is the process of extracting the water content of the fruit either through sun drying it, oven drying or hot air drying.

Also lately other methods were introduced like freeze drying, vacuum drying and microwave drying.

The best method yet used in drying fruits is through vacuuming, as during it the fruit is being dried at a low temperature minimizing risks of oxidation reactions.

Each way of drying the fruit have its own impact on the fruit as each method causes various physical and chemical changes to the fruit itself, most noticeably: shape, color, flavor, texture, and, less visibly, nutritional and microbial profile.

Demand on drying fruits is growing from both end consumers and businesses for its health benefits as Increasing nutrient intake, Prevents and controls diabetes, Boosts the immune system, Improves colon and digestive health etc.., and its uses in other products.

For example a huge portion of the demand on dried fruits is driven from pastries and bakeries business also processed products as cereals uses dry fruits inside of the packages.

So the boosting and growth for an industry like the dry fruits isn’t just because if its direct consumption.

The production of dried fruits increased from 2246.7 tons in 2010 to 3222.8 tons in 2020, with an expected growth of 2.5 billions from 7.4 billions in 2020 to 9.9 billions in 2027.

The world’s biggest market share in the industry is for the united states by 16% comes second Turkey with 15% then Iran with 12% and the last biggest market share is for Saudi Arabia with 7%

The most produced dried fruit in the world is dried grapes with 1.335.67 tons then dates with 1132 tons, third is prunes for 211.76 tons then dried cranberries 204.99 tons and 179.85 for dried apricots and 158.5 for dried figs.

In Egypt the demand for dried fruits also increases with the awareness for the health concerns and the healthier diets that contains dry fruit while eating different types of foods.

Also with focus now on supporting the domestic products there’s a huge opportunity in the Egyptian market for this industry, especially that there aren’t enough domestic production that could meet the growing demand

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