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Dukaah the delicious Egyptian seasoning

To pound or as we Egyptians call it Dukaah, it is a delicious Egyptian seasoning that became rarely used or mentioned nowadays.

The name Dukaah is driven from the way this seasoning is being made, the word Dukaah origin is Yaduk or Duk which means pounding, this seasoning was very commonly used and made in Egyptian houses back in the old days, and as all things in Egypt does have a rich history, so is dukaah.

Dukaah with very famous among common Egyptian people, as it is easy to be made, tasty and of a very low cost, most importantly it is of many uses, it even became a slang that is being used to demonstrate pride, “even if I will eat it with dukaah” this slang means that by whatever means even if it will come to me find nothing to eat but dukaah I will not do a certain thing.

This shows how Dukaah is not pricey and it is something used by the commons.