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From Galabeya to the chef jacket is traditional Egyptian street food changing ?

Street food everywhere is a reflection of the culture and the geopolitical surroundings of the society, it’s being shaped by factors as people culture, income and background.

Also it does contribute in shaping the society and the human behavior of the people living in it.

The street food, or food carts are available almost in every country, with different foods, shapes and different stories.

Egypt is a very ancient country that is rich with history and different cultures that coexist and with time they became very much interrelated, and these coherent cultures did impact the types of food that are being eaten, in almost every occasion that should be celebrated by only a segment of the population you can easily find out that all Egyptians does celebrate it with a type of food, as food is a very important thing in Egyptians Everyday life.

And since food is that important to Egyptians, this created a unique and rich street food experience.

When it comes to street food in Egypt, you can find out that it’s not just about meals, it also includes some bites, desserts and soft drinks.

And each type of street food that is being served you can easily recognize its workers by just how they look, it’s a look that they did obtain through time and it makes them special.

You can recognize a worker of a foul (beans) truck from the apron he does wear, or an Erkesoss (soft drink made of Licorice) form the pants he does wear.

It does not end with the way these workers dress, or the type of clothes they do put on, each type of food or drink is considered as a profession, not just the way it’s being cooked but also the style it’s being served with, a professional foul trucker will serve you the plates in a way that no other will, and the Erkesoos seller will fill you a cub in a very unique way.

Even Koshari the most famous food in the Egyptian cuisine only a professional worker is capable of serving it the traditional way.

An example for the adaptation Egyptian street food is capable of is Koshari, as it’s originally started to be sold in carts, that some of them were movable not a place fixed, and the worker did roam the Egyptian streets to feed the hungry.

And it did evolve from carts to shops and now there are some mega brands that does specialize in selling koshari.

This evolution is a live prove of how traditional Egyptian street food roots are very strong in the Egyptian culture, and with the change that does happen overtime, it still beholds its position in the everyday life of Egyptians.

Youth nowadays are attached to Egyptian street food, and they grow fond of it.

With the changes that have been evolving within the Egyptian society, that were affecting street food it needed to adapt to serve the new generations.

But despite the importance of the traditional street food, the new generations needed a variety regarding the dishes and the cuisines that are being served.

This did create a new trend when it comes to street food, as now you can find food trucks that does offer different types of food that does not just focus on the traditional street food.

For example you can now find many carts that do offer burgers, pizza, tacos, hot dogs etc..

And this new trend that the youngsters did create made the possibility of new jobs much easier, these jobs were pursued in a more professional manners, not just by practicing overtime or learning from elders whom did work in the field.

Youth nowadays started taking serious steps such as attending to culinary schools, and seeking professionals to create menus, and trendy food trucks, now you can find that instead of a person wearing Galabeya selling you sweet potato, it’s a young guy wearing a chef jacket and handing you a bucket of fried chicken.