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History, Science, Art and coffee

It’s a worldwide known competition between coffee and tea, it’s simply addressed in a very simple question Coffee or tea?

Without going so much in the details of this fierce beverage war, today we will be on the side of our beloved coffee, and that doesn’t mean we don’t like tea it’s just an aroma thing that captured us in the essence of its magic.

So why is coffee this famous, and people all around the globe are holding it dear to their hearts?

Coffee of today that we so easily have in the morning or during the day to energize is a result of our fellow coffee lovers strugles from the past, there was a huge resistance towards this dark weird newly discovered drink.

When the red fruit first discovered in Ethiopia, Omo Kibish, it was addressed to an Imam in the village, who did try it and eventually was very energized during the night prayer, this made the newly discovered fruit much favored by Sufis, whom did transfer it to Yemen, a country which famous nowadays by its coffee production which owns a port that is named Mokha, and apparently this is where the name mocha is from.

From Yemen to all the parts of the Islamic state back then the coffee spreads, and with it emerges a newly foundations that are established everywhere in the Islamic state as Cairo & Mecca, The coffee houses.

With this spread of coffee all around, voices started to rise that this drink should be prohibited.

Imams everywhere weren’t sure what to do with it, they couldn’t come up with a decision about it as many were with and many were against of this drink.

Even rulers were not able to come up to a decision, as if they ordered it to be prohibited coffee lovers will riot, and if they allowed it, the other parties would riot, so the decision was always to leave things as it is.

With time the coffee did spread to Europe, and as it did face a resistance in the east, it did face some in the west.

Priests started calling it satan’s drink, and Christians shouldn’t drink it.

Until one pope tried it and said “This Satan’s drink is so delicious that it would be a pity to let the infidels have exclusive use of it.” And this was Pope Clement VIII.

Coffee spread was very strong all around Europe, that it hits the most Tea loving empire really hard.

In London, Rosee Pasqua opened the very first coffeehouse, to start a so called revolutionary movement of spreading coffee houses all around London.

And this made the coffee face another resistance, this time it is from the pubs owners, and even women.

In 1674 women of London signed a petition against coffee as their husbands were spending too much time at the coffee houses.

The coffee houses in London were the place which people from all around come, sit together and exchange news regarding what’s going on.

It was very common that if you’re setting alone in a coffee house in London you will be approached by a stranger asking “what news have you”

This community that was established around coffee houses made it a destination for scientists gather in coffee houses, and share with people their discoveries, and theories, and that led to people calling coffeehouses “penny universities”.

We could even argue that it was the coffee that contributed to the Universal gravitation not the apple.

As philosophiae naturalis principia mathematica the book by Isaac Newton was the mathematical prove of the question addressed to him by Edmund halley, who did have a conversation with Robert hook about this theory in a coffee house.

As the coffee was a spiritual drink that is consumed in the east, it was the starter for the scientific revolution in the west.

And as time passes Coffee grows a hold of humanity, and it’s being approached differently at every society, but still cherished by all, that even people start coming up with quotes about coffee, how should one treat coffee, and what mood you should be in while consuming cof