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Is food tasting really important?

food tasting is the process of trying different approaches on how to create a dish or a meal in a way that suits most people.

It’s a very critical step if you’re looking forward to commercialize your recipes, as commercializing recipes takes the process for another whole more professional direction.

When should you do a food tasting?

If you heard from the people around you like your family and close friends that you can bake for example the best cookies they ever tasted, and they’re advising you towards selling these fine baked cookies either online, through a cart or a shop, before investing money in equipment, you should immediately start thinking about conducting a food tasting.

Letting family members and close friends give you an opinion is a good starter but the steps to be taken after is the real deal, simply because some opinions might be biased or not fully aware how to give the right advice regarding a recipe.

So the next step is to start searching for professional entities around you that are able to conduct food tasting, and the selection should be based on their experience and modules of conducting food tasting, as not all approaches might not be the best choice for you.

Mainly one of the most efficient ways of conducting a food tasting is through creating a focus group, that includes professionals from the food industry, like chefs and food critiques, it also should include regular people that are expected to be your future customers, but the insights that are brought by professionals are priceless and that’s the main reason for conducted the food tasting.

The focus group should be in sessions, each session is to taste a different recipe for the items being cooked.

By different recipes we don’t just mean the ingredients, experimenting different ingredients to find out how it’s going to affect the recipe taste and structure is very important, but also trying different tools and equipment is a very critical thing that does have a huge impact on the recipes.

And that’s another important factor in choosing the entity that will conduct the food tasting, you have to take in consideration the tools and equipment that are available at this place, as there’s a difference between commercial equipment that you should be aiming to use, and the regular home tools.

And each equipment could impact your recipes differently in a way that could enhance the taste and texture or just turn it to another poor no one wants to buy recipe.

This will help you to plan in the future what type of equipment and tools you’re going to use.

Another important step in the food testing is while trying different ingredients you need to make sure that these ingredients are of a sustainable supplier, are easily affordable and easy to find In order to not jeopardize your future operation and recipe.

While doing all these steps during the food tasting it’s very important to take in consideration the concept in which your project will be entitled to, as it’s a main factor in the over all decisions that will be made regarding the recipes you will be providing.

Concept is the some of the vibes and the strong proposition that the project will be offering, and while that might seem like a later on step, it’s actually very important step to be taken in the early stages of the process, and it would be helpful if the focus group contained some professional marketers or some professional hospitality specialists in order to keep every thing integrated in a consistent way.

Reaching to decision is just the beginning of the road, the selection of a recipe is surely the soul of a food project, but it’s not the only carrier, you should invest in yourself regarding business aspects and ways of management, as these will be another demonstration of success in your food project.

If you’re located in Egypt the options for the entities that does provide food tasting services isn’t much, that’s why the cooking school since day one thought about providing this service to individuals is order to help them with their food projects.