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Is your resume as a chef good enough ?

Being a good chef and having a great cook skills and expertise well ease things for you in a very competitive and requiring industry, but a lack of ability to put these expertise and qualifications in words that shows how good you’re. you will probably find yourself filling positions that is less than what you’re capable of, or even won’t be able to develop in your work place.

That’s why writing a CV isn’t just about being neat and professional, it’s like a mind game of putting yourself in the choose of the recruiter, and showing what you’re capable of in the at most professional way.

Good resumes usually start with an introduction or a personal statement, this personal statement should articulate your expertise.

To come up with the personal statement, ask yourself what’s your dream job requirements, and the answer for that should be included in your personal statement.

It should be tailored based on the place and the title you are applying for.

For example if you are applying for a position in a restaurant that specialize in French cuisine your personal statement should highlight your skills in this cuisine as a selling key points to the recruiter, and mentioning how good you’re in the Italian cuisine isn’t going to help, and the focus on the selling key points should be short in order to allow the reader to read it with his/her full attention.

Another Important section to be included in your CV is the skills section.

It’s important as it summarizes what you’re capable of in solid points that allow the recruiter to have a better understanding of what value that yourself could add to an entity, for example you could add your areas of expertise in different cuisines.

It’s very important to not add too many skills, and also not too few.

The skills you’re going to include should also be tailored upon the position you’re applying for.

For example if you are applying for a senior position you shouldn’t include skills that are required for junior levels, as this means you are being unprofessional.

Another important type of skills to be included is soft skills, every chef wants to be in charge of a restaurant kitchen or a head chef, and these positions don’t just need culinary skilled chefs, they also need skills such as managerial and communication skills, multitasking and working under pressure.

After highlighting the appropriate main key skills in the skills section, it would be a good idea to add an area of expertise.

The expertise area is to include more details about your capabilities that you weren’t able to highlight or give details about in the skills section.

This section should focus on special expertise for example if you are capable of creating new recipes, or have a very unique cooking technique.

Moreover you also should cover your expertise regarding food business, every restaurant, hotel or catering are aiming to maintain a good portion of money in order to be profitable. and executive chefs are the ones responsible for this.

After showing your skills and expertise it’s important to prove that you have these skills, and that’s the job of the career summary.

In the career summary you will mention your previous related the food industry jobs and titles in each one, but also it’s very important to mention your achievements and highlight them.

For example there are many chefs whom did work as kitchen managers, but too few were actually capable of reducing the food cost and increasing efficiency.

Numbers also make it easier for the recruiter to better understand your achievements, so when you mention that you did reduce the food cost you better phrase it like this “Was able to reduce the food cost by 30%” for example.

After the career summary include your educational background, where did you graduate from, certificates you obtained, courses and training you were able to complete.

It’s also very important to have an understanding of how the entities do filter different CVs nowadays, as most of them do have an application tracking system that does filter the CVs automatically based on some keywords and the filtered CVs are the ones that will reach the phase of the face to face interview.

So for example of you’re applying for a position as a chef that specializes in Italian cuisine, you should include keywords such as pasta, pizza and others that reflect the cuisine.

One more thing you need to do is to stand out from the crowd, and to do so you need to approach things differently than others, you might create a website to be as a portfolio including your work samples and information, this will show that you do things differently and will encourage entities to approach you.

Mainly the tips up there should be used in context with what you are applying for, and the CV is nothing but a piece of paper or just an E-mail it does not really define who you really are, but all what we mean to do is to ease things up in order for a talented chef as you are to get his/her dream job.