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A journey into the cake decoration world

Cake decoration is the art of crafting and shaping the cake in both by icing or molding.

Bakers or pastries shops started to put icing & frosting on the top of cakes at the 17th century, and this led to the profession of cake decorators.

So what exactly does cake decorators do?

A cake decorator is the person in charge of adding the final touches to a cake, the cake decorator is the designer of a cake.

Usually cake decoration requires planning, as this kind of culinary art is way to specific and tailored upon the needs of a client, so usually cake decorators are also responsible for handling the clients, and hear their requirements and needs in order to deliver them.

Cake decorators are on a demanding spike lately, as the cake decoration becoming more specialized and specific and usually upon request.

So many are considering joining this career path, as they have a passion for food, baking or designing, but they don’t know how to begin or what it takes.

Not all cake decorators have a degree in culinary, actually some of them are just food stylist or some food enthusiasts whom does have a very good eye for small details.

But this does limit your capabilities as a cake decorator, as you won’t be able to bake the perfect cake, you will always be relying on a baker to bake it.

Even though you might be able to bake cakes, but you will always be following a recipe, with no renovation, as you lack the basics that are needed to operate flexibly.

Also you will always find it hard to be able to design the shape you or your client really wants, as it’s always in the hands of the baker.

So the best recommendation is to obtain a degree.

While most degrees might take up to 4 years, which includes a lot of information that you do not need, some other specific and shorter programs are also available.

For example the cooking school Egypt does provide a specific cakes diploma, it’s all about cake baking and decorations.

It includes almost every type of cake, and it trains students on how to decorate them.

This is really important as cake decorators does have to be fully aware of all the process details, simply the frosting does have an impact on the cake taste, when you do understand this impact and how every component affects the other, then you will be a real cake decorator, as your cakes must be tasting good as it looks good.

If you don’t have the time to attend a whole diploma that are just made for cakes, you can attend the regular cake baking and decorating classes, it will be a small step after another to be able to move forward in this profession, while these regular class might not teach you all the details, but attending them once every month will ease things for you, and you will be totally capable of baking and decorating the cake that you did learn during this class.

But the journey does not stop just there, cake decoration is a craft that requires a lot of work and effort, and you will face many trials and errors.

The more shapes you are capable to shape, and frosting you can design into things the more glamorous caked decorator you will be.

You have to always work for it, and keep yourself updated by engaging within a cakes decorators community to share your experiences, and always seek for family and friends opinion.

One last important tip is to stick to a niche, make yourself known for making the best wedding cake, or the children’s best birthday cake decorator, this will help you along the way as we did mention earlier that cake decoration is very specific and usually is a upon request thing.