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Ramadan's desserts race

Most of the people around the world are now aware of what Ramadan is, either they’re Muslims or not, but as the norm goes whenever Ramadan is mentioned an explanation of it takes place, Ramadan is a holy month in which practicing Muslims do fast from dawn to dusk, it’s a very spiritual month where Muslims around the globe pray, read Quran and help the needy.

In Egypt, Ramadan is a bit different, of course it’s the same spiritual practices like everywhere else but it gained another cultural value and celebration for the holy month takes place in the streets, families and friends start gathering to break their fast or have the Suhoor meal together.

Another cultural practice of Ramadan in Egypt is the consumption of some desserts that might be considered seasonal and mostly consumed during Ramadan.

These desserts are consumed during the whole year but this consumption does increase more during the holy month of Ramadan.

Oriental desserts are very unique to Egyptians, and it has a long history that goes along with the ancient country.

A lot of things do change and get a bit different during time to appeal more to the people, and this what have been happening to oriental desserts that are consumed during Ramadan in Egypt.

The new generations are more daring and eager to try new things or add their own signature to the long lasting things in the Egyptian community, and during Ramadan emerges a competition between different brands in different sectors it is very much obvious in the commercial advertisings that takes place in during the holy month, which brand did offer a better advertisement, what is the more cooler one and what was the disappointment of this yearly competition.

This attitude towards Ramadan campaigns from audience made a huge potential for the desserts brands, and also a huge pressure.

The desserts brands do join this competition but not only by doing a creative advertisement that their customers would like, but also by offering a new dessert every year, it does not have to be a totally new item, but a traditional item with a twist will do the trick.

And this new item does open the conversation of “have you tried?”

When this behavior is overlooked, it would be found very appealing for the new generations whom are not hesitant to try new things, specially when it comes to food.

What also pushes youth towards trying this is the need to create their own Ramadan memories, as almost every parent or grandparent in a Ramadan gathering shares his own experience and memories of Ramadan.

This mechanism of unrelated but homogeneous behaviors is affecting the traditional oriental desserts and making it change, it is not likely to disappear, but it will be of a very different varieties.

The introduction of new oriental desserts items does help the smaller scale businesses that are not capable of research and development for products spending, whenever a new item is introduced from a mega dessert brand you can find regular vendors offering it too, maybe not of the same taste, but you will find it very much alike, even you will be amazed of how it might be of an even better taste.

This makes younger people as the cooking school team are on the wait for Ramadan, to have the peaceful spiritual state, to enjoy the commercial competition to amaze us the audience, and to try the new introduced desserts to feed our passion for food.