Setting the mood for food

As a chef or a restaurant owner you ask yourself regularly what makes the perfect meal, and the first thoughts that comes to mind is related to food ingredients, so your answer might be a piece of fine steak with some mashed potato that melts in your mouth, or even served with some ratatouille.

While it is the ingredients that make the most of our dining experience, it is not on its own that will make you enjoy a specific taste or enjoy your meal.

Researches been made by experimental psychologists into the matter of what makes people enjoy meals aside from its components.

Let’s take in consideration the plate the food is being presented in, because researches found out that some plates presentation does make us enjoy food more, some colors does enhance our tasting for savory items, and others help the enhance the taste for sweets.

Based on researches arranged food items in an artistic way will make people enjoy their food better, as an example people will enjoy salad more if it was presented as Kandinsky painting.

When serving savory items it is better being served in an angular black plate as this will bring out more savory flavors, while the white round plates will be more suitable for sweet items as it enhances its flavor.

Another strange thing researches found that red plates if used for serving will make people eat less.

The research does explain that the colors affect the taste or the quantity of food because brain usually associate colors with certain types of food as an example if you saw a glass with something white in it you probably will assume it is milk, and thus our dining experience is being affected even before eating.

Researches did also cover other thing as lighting, for example it did conclude that men will eat less when the lights are blue, and people who does favor strong coffee will consume more of it under bright lights, while those who like weak coffee dim lights will make them consume it more.

Another important thing is the music, while it might be an old trick and sometimes the norm to listen to music while dining, you have to combine certain types of music with certain types of food.

For example the research found that people do associate high pitched sound with sweet items, while savory food is being associated with lower pitched sounds.

Mainly it doesn’t have to be music it only has to be the right sound.

With such info you as a chef or a restaurant owner will be able to create a unique dining experience.

This Article is being made based on the researches of Charles Spence, an experimental psychologist at Oxford University & Betina Piqueras-Fiszman from Wageningen University.

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